Bondi Junction


Here we go. Another classic Denwol story. This time with none other than the Scentre Group, (aka Westfield), as a their JV partner. A prime corner site in Bondi Junction, adjacent to Westfield’s flagship shopping centre – black label everything. This one mean’t a lot to all concerned. Make it cut through, can’t be same, same. Be Courageous. Don’t die wondering. Ok then – you’ve come to the right place.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
CGI & Animation
Visual Story-telling
Video / Cinema-graph
Display Suite Design

“This project mean’t a lot to me personally. As per usual, the team at Our Agency delivered. They went above and beyond and were a pleasure to deal with, throughout the entire process.”

Phillip Wolanski


The Eastern Suburb’s set. They don’t do everyday. Class and flamboyance fused with a bit of groove and whole lot of cool. Show me something different – and it had better be very good, in fact – it has to be outstanding.


Un-see this. Just about every new building coming out of the ground in Bondi Junction was the same. Multi-level, multitudes. Create something unique. Something the likes of Bondi Junction has never seen before. Turn back the clock and wind it up again. Old school nostalgia, brought to life in a contemporary form. Welcome to Archibald.


Grand, not bland. The great Gatsby, meets Don Draper. A contemporary interpretation of nostalgia, on every level. The likes of which had never been seen before in Bondi Junction.


The 1930’s re-interpreted. Black meets gold, meets mystic. The brochure was designed with a unique carry handle die cut into the cover to convey the impression of a high end shopping bag. Typically, most purchasers would visit Westfield immediately after visiting the display gallery, so we created an endless raft of moving media throughout the shopping centre during the launch period. An industry first cinema-graph and CGI combination helped create an engaging and unforgettable series of print, digital and video media applications which generated an unprecedented level of enquiry. The display gallery continued the contemporary interpretation of nostalgia, with Archibald taking pride of place on a large illuminated light box and television screen, with highly considered CGI animation, cinema-graph and time-lapse view photography of the Sydney fireworks, all beautifully presented in video and in high gloss powder coated black frames.


The Archibald brand and marketing campaign was an overwhelming success with the bulk of apartments being sold out in less than two days!
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