Lumiere, Sydney


A major winner for Our Agency at the 2005 Australian Catalogue Awards, Lumiere Residences was the first residential tower for international award-winning British architect Lord Norman Foster and a critical showcase project for Frasers Property. Our Agency rose to the challenge and created a set of innovative solutions.

The ‘Have you seen the light?’ advertising campaign set a new benchmark in creative property marketing. The 20 metre long George Street display suite windows were transformed into an illuminated teaser light box with changing messages to capture the imagination of passersby. The marketing brochure was encased in a unique translucent sculptural box that has no glue joints, reflecting the essence of Foster’s ‘light, space, innovation’ concept for the development.

The Property Marketing Podcast is an original podcast hosted by Anthony Denman, co-founder of Our Agency. In each episode Anthony talks to Australia’s most experienced property professionals, exploring their personal & professional stories whilst unearthing insights on how to create the most successful property brands possible.

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