On a pristine, spring morning, our client walked the site they worked so hard to acquire, high above the Gosford CBD, on the old Gosford quarry, opposite the ancient lands of Rumbalara Reserve. The magical call of a Black Cockatoo, spiralled across the vast expanse of open space, overlooking an inland sea, that stretched on forever. “This land deserves more than just another apartment building” the power that is in being, within Alceon thought.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Project Naming
CGI & Animation
Copywriting including Song Lyrics Music Production
Display Suite Design Advertising

“Our Agency got what it was we trying to say, and told the story in a highly creative, engaging and compelling way. Further to this their handling of the overall account budget, deliverables and timeline was comforting, reassuring and comprehensive. We are extremely happy with their service and look forward to working with them again.”

Todd Campling


Mostly Sydney escapees & local down-sizers. Mr & Mrs – “set me free”. They both long for open, natural space. Beautifully designed, contemporary homes, preferably with a view, are a must. But most importantly, they want a significant change in their lives. A massive paradigm shift. Show me what freedom looks like, they collectively think.


We needed to capture hearts and reassure minds. The post covid world was upon us and buyers have more geographical stretch in their search engines. Gosford is under an hour from Sydney’s CBD and the perfect place for an easy, occasional commute to the office when required. Let’s paint a picture of a carefree, natural, healthy life, where time slows down and life fills you up.


Rumbalara means Rainbow in indigenous language and is the name granted to the magnificent Rumbalara reserve, which is connected to our site. It is from this name that our story takes shape. Inspired by the great dreamtime storytellers of our indigenous past (and Judy Garland), we embarked on a creative journey to tell a story of ancient landscapes, rainforest trails, pristine beaches, waterfront F&B and beautifully designed homes, with world class amenities and water views that go on forever.


Our video included an industry first, our very own written and produced song, which tied in beautifully with our cinematic video, CGI, animation and printed collateral. Aesthetically, the colours of the rainbow were an obvious choice. What was not so obvious, was how we chose to use them. Subtle, understated, elegant & sophisticated. Photography wise, we grabbed a swag and camped out. Nature, naturally, was the brief and (as per usual) we captured the essence of the ancient lands around us in an engaging, pristine and inspiring fashion. From a CGI and animation perspective, our in-house team delivered with more than a hatful, of world-class images of the apartments, amenities and lush, landscaped, mature gardens.


The brand, CGI, animation & marketing campaign for Rumbalara generated over 3 million views and over 3,000 qualified enquires, resulting in the highest prices ever paid for an apartment in Gosford, shifting the paradigm skywards on lifestyle and pricing expectations in the Central Coast region. Further to this, crucial confidence was created in the Gosford off-the-plan market and significant equity was also created in the Alceon brand, through the endorsed project brand identity and collateral association.


Judges recognised the Alceon / Our Agency collaboration produced a marketing approach as creatively beautiful as it was strategic, to overcome the key issues of location isolation and market acceptance of a product of this calibre. From the name ‘Rumbalara’ the indigenous word for Rainbow to the stunning creative expression including commissioning the production of an original song “Follow Your Rainbow” and two future films, the lifestyle promise of the project was conveyed with depth and imagination.

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