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Sculptured by the Sea

Not often, in fact almost never, does an absolute beachfront opportunity emerge in Sydney. Luckily for us (and the client) this one drifted our way. Inspired by its natural surrounds, The Seychelles story is a classic, paradise on earth narrative. Beachfront living as our market always dreamed it should be. Contemporary. Considered. Coastal. Stylish. Luxurious. Refined.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Project Naming
CGI & Animation
Display Suite Design

“Our Agency have been a mainstay brand partner of ours for almost three decades. As always, their storytelling, CGI, service and creativity is of the highest standard.”

David Milton
Managing Director


Mr & Mrs Stavros. Lived in the project area or thereabouts since they migrated from Greece, Italy or Europe around 35 years ago. The classic downsizer market. Growing up in Greece (or the mediterranean / Europe means they aspire to the idea of flat (waveless) waterways and dream of white sandy beaches (not many of those on the homeland).


To get the Stavros’ to move out of their family home (where they raised their new Australian family) into a brand new apartment, not near the water but right, smack-bang, on top of it. There was quite the distinction to make there. Another deep insight was the importance of shiny & brand new. Nothing old or falling apart. No maintenance. No worries mate. That’s why the reflectakote brochure cover and gloss on gloss – on everything. Brand new, beachfront living, in Paradise, re-imagined in print & digital media, through considered storytelling, insightful design and good old, new fashioned, print & digital methodology.


Sculptured by the Sea. Inspired by its natural surrounds, Seychelles is paradise on earth. Beachfront living as our market always dreamed it should be. Contemporary. Considered. Coastal. Crystal clear blue water, polar white sand and relaxed lunches that seem to last a lifetime. Modern, sculptural curves. Full height. Natural light. Twists and turns that capture the best sun and views. The beach becomes a living piece of art. Form meets functionality, and then some. This is how our market always imagined contemporary living should be. Stylish. Luxurious. Refined.


Our brand mark needed to be highly contemporary, yet elegant with typography that reflects the high-end coastal, contemporary, architectural design – juxtaposed with a care-free, scripted, secondary font. The materialism of the luxurious finishes, inside & out, were reflected in our colour palette and brochure stock with a soft graphic device utilised throughout, mirroring the relaxed, carefree, seaside, lifestyle on offer.


Over 500 qualified enquires resulting in all of the terrace homes and over half of the apartments being sold out on or shortly after launch.
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