Bellevue Hill


Denwol is one of our most revered clients. They never do things by halves. If they can’t find a needle in a haystack – they’ll make one. Everything they do has to have a unique selling proposition, like no other. Cliff front. Park front in Bellevue Hill – no problem. Amalgamate, negotiate, affiliate. Done. Would you also like a slice of creativity with that? Of course – they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
CGI & Animation
Visual Story-telling
Display Suite Design

“The team at Our Agency went above and beyond – as per usual. Compelling creative, coupled with outstanding production values, service and a can do attitude, resulted in another successful project and a design award or two also.”

Phillip Wolanski


Mr & Mrs – Right size me. Living most of their most recent lives in a large, sprawling, estate in Sydney’s renowned eastern suburbs has spoilt them somewhat. Their search engine is pretty tight, geographically. No more than about 3-5 k’s. Architecturally – their new home has to tick all the boxes. Space, views, design, style & quality.


Dig deep, emotionally. Connect hearts & minds to our project in the most compelling way possible. Stand out, in the most beautiful, yet understated way possible.


Make Heart’s Sing. North-facing atop a dramatic cliff overlooking 38 acres of pristine parklands, our brief required us to unveil a boutique selection of exquisitely crafted homes inspired by their idyllic natural surrounds and to create a world of unsurpassed refinement, extraordinary serenity and heart wrenching beauty. To further capture the spirit of this desirable offer, we created a series of impactful, emotionally compelling CGI’s coupled with a highly considered brand identity, brochure, website, display suite and promotional material which also featured an animation movie capturing the essence of what it feels like to live in such an inspirational, private and unique location.


We needed to land in a creative territory, where nature, architecture & luxury collide. Biophilic Decadence. A territory where champagne gold meets fig leaves, where serif meets sans and where cloth meets metal.


Launching during the very first wave of Covid certainly had it’s challenges. Suffice to say we came of the gates slow, but finished with a wet sail. All sold and at suburb breaking prices to boot. Another successful Denwol & Our Agency collaboration.

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