The Bondi

Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach. Australia’s most famous stretch of sand. Originally The Bondi Motel. Eventually one of Bondi’s most exclusive residential projects. On behalf of Rebel Property Group & Capitel Group, Our Agency were entrusted to reinvent the brand, the story and the perception of luxury in this most revered location.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Project Naming
Display Suite Design

“The most sophisticated marketing campaign for a residential development ever. $80M sold in 8 hours. Bondi Beach apartments prices are smashed.”

The Australian Financial Review


The successful set. High net worth individuals and the like. Money to burn, but not just on any old real estate. Design savvy and ahead of the queue. Front & centre is where they are in life and where they want to live.


What else could it be but to simply – own Bondi. The highest, most desirable beachfront real estate in Bondi. Now and forever. The Bondi with an emphasis on THE.


Picture Bondi Beach. Instantly an image forms in your mind’s eye. White sands, a lifesaver’s cap, the curve of Campbell Parade. So Sydney yet so separate, Bondi is a different picture for every person. Bondi is the beach at dawn scattered with early risers stretching out summer days. The cold of the ocean baths and the calm of the sand before the flags go up. Swimmers stroll barefoot, joggers pound the pavement. Surfers paddle out silently as the sun peeps over the horizon. By day, Bondi is blue skies, bare skin, the body beautiful. A parade treading the headland trails, passing the glamour of Tamarama, Bronte and Clovelly along the way. Where path meets ocean, kids with ice creams peer over the edge. A gust of wind whips up skirts as bright kites stretch towards the sky. Bondi is sitting behind sunglasses and letting the world pass by. It’s watching summer storms sweep across the ocean. It’s a warm breeze caressing café-goers on the promenade. As the sun dips behind houses, Bondi is the sky glowing red, orange and purple. It’s seafood with classic views, cocktails in cool night air. Streets alive under the stars, the crush of bodies at the bar. Bondi the beautiful, basking under Sydney’s spotlight.


Super luxe. Super savvy. Super in every-way, everyday. Uninterrupted everything. Especially the views. Panoramic sunrise, sunset, midday, mid morning and midriff.


$80M sold in 8 hours – as reported in the Australian Financial Review.
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