The Grand



Mixed use, with no mixed feelings. A lesson on how to make a place. Design it from the ground up. Ensure the retail is purpose built, and now you have a purpose. Make it Grand, where it was not that way previously. Reinvent the streetscape, the foyer, the facilities, the apartments. Change the way people live in this location, leave a legacy. One worth leaving.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Project Naming
CGI & Animation
Music Selection
Display Suite Design

“Our Agency were instrumental in achieving our overall success, overseeing all aspects of the marketing and ensuring all messaging and creative remained true to the overarching sales and brand strategy.”

Jack Malouf


Sydney escapees, local downsizers and investors. Life needs to be easy-peasy. Walk downstairs (or take the lift) and you’ve arrived. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Water views, waterside, on the Southside, the historic side, the right side.


Mann St, Gosford. Not quite the right fit for our Grand positioning. But as you head south, past Georgiana Terrace, the landscape changes. A fine grain reveals itself amongst the historic sandstone buildings of Gosford’s European creation. Cool cafe’s, considered dining, a new waterfront park and a more refined streetscape, about to become finer. Hence Mann St, South. A location within a location – and a Grand one at that.


Grand, impressive, impeccable. An exemplar will soon rise at the pointy end of Mann St. Waterside. Historic. Design Savvy. Superb. Where the streets are sculptured, the water glistens and the walls tell stories of bygone days. Where the people in the know, know how to live, love, laugh and linger.


Grand every which way. The brand identity utilises a modern serif font with an elegant, unique and aspirational feel, hand crafted specifically for the grand storyline. A distinctive curve on the R represents the curvaceous, architecture style of the podium and tower. A soft wallpaper of calm water, rippling above fine white sand, is used throughout our communication to enhance the project’s waterside location and also relate to the extensive use of sandstone on the podium level and throughout Mann St South.


The very first VIP wave of marketing initiatives generated over 1,000 qualified enquires, establishing a solid database for the Grand release which achieved over $50M in sales. Significant equity was also created in the ACE and TQM brands, through the endorsed association with the well considered nature of the project brand & the creative and sophisticated values of the marketing collateral.
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