Walsh Bay

Sydney Harbour


Grab a seat and let’s travel back in time – way back. Pre-internet, pre – digital, pre – CGI – well almost. Walsh Bay was and still remains, one of Australia’s most treasured waterfront sites. Its world class residential pier, was the world’s only purpose built one, crafted from the seabed up, by two of Australia’s most prolific property & infrastructure developers, Mirvac & Transfield. Lucky for us, we got to tell the story and redefine residential project marketing as a we did it.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Project Naming
Direct Mail
Display Suite Design

“It was a pleasure working hand in glove with the team at Our Agency, their creative interpretation of our VIP strategy was first class.”

James Bell


Sydney downsizers, professionals, boaties and all high net worth individuals. Property savvy. Definitely not their first rodeo.


Mirvac were at the top of their game. With Bob Hamilton at the wheel, we were led by one of the property industry’s sharpest minds. Our brief was to remain laser focussed on the database – Mirvac’s database. This moment defined this era and the future of VIP project marketing. Give your loyal fan base first choice – and mean it. Really.


The Heart of the most beautiful harbour on earth. Gift wrapped for the fortunate few. The rhythm of the harbour and yesterday’s enduring lustre – is transformed into the splendour of the new.


W for Walsh. B for Bay, visualised in iconic maritime flags, hovering over the water. The colour palette of these flags then re- interpreted and fused with silver and mono, merging the romantic past with the effervescent future. A classic talent shoot captured the drama of the original, iconic waterfront wharves, juxtaposed with the modernity of the current day amenity. All rolled up and packed inside a bottle, a message for the ages. The very first, most iconic and successful VIP direct mail pieces of all time, changing the property market VIP strategy landscape – for the rest of time.


Sold out at launch. The message in a bottle, did the trick and then some. Our purpose built, hand crafted message in a bottle was delivered to Mirvac’s unique database and some of Australia’s highest net worth individuals. This highly engaging, creative and enduring piece of communication got the industry talking and word soon spread of this once in a lifetime, limited opportunity. Those who were luckily enough to be invited to purchase, all took their opportunity with the project selling out in a matter of hours.

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